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Nisim's NewHair Biofactors products are designed to help those people suffering from hair loss as well as scalp disorders such as psoriasis.

Simply use the shampoo daily to control excessive hair loss and create a healthy scalp. Add the stimulating extract to your routine to help regrow recently lost hair.

  • Safe & natural actives

  • No bad odours

  • No harmful side effects

  • Formulated for both men & women


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Control excessive hair loss in one week

Nisim shampoos effectively remove build up of sweat, oils, and dirt - the first step in controlling the factors that can contribute to hair loss.Nisim Shampoos can be used as a stand alone product. Proper use of the shampoo alone can help you maintain your existing hair. It is very important that you wash your hair daily.

hair loss products for men

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